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  As part of its participation in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Myanmar has opened up for investments in construction for more electricity generation in 2020. From Rakhine to Kachin, Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have begun constructing power projects in hopes of raising Myanmar’s electricity generation capacity by at least 3,500 MW within 1-3 years. This in turn coincides with the development of the 3 China-Myanmar Economic Corridors.  
The 3 economic corridors in Myanmar: Kanpiketi in Kachin state, Chinshwehaw and Muse in Shan state
  Myanmar has erected several sizeable power plants since the country’s reforms a decade ago. From being able to generate a mere 3413 MW in 2010, the country has expanded its energy sector to be able to generate 5235 MW in 2015. This coincides with the electrification ratio that jumped from 108-263 kWh during the 5-year period. The country’s base of installed, operating capacity is diverse and robust, with a total of 40 hydroelectric dams, 11 coal plants and 7 gas plants, with a lot more to come.

As of April 2019, at least 44% of Myanmar’s households have steady electricity supply; a sign of progress as the nation targets a 55% coverage by the 2020-2021 fiscal year. According to the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, energy demand is expected to increase at 15% annually; double of the forecasted economic growth. This is the best opportunity for your brand to fill in the gap and help Myanmar grow. Enter MYANENERGY 2020 - Myanmar's Biggest International Power & Electrical Engineering Exhibition, where over 7000 trade visitors flock to showcase, discuss, and network in pursuit of empowering Myanmar’s energy industry. Located in the Myanmar Expo Hall from 19-21 November 2020, MYANENERGY 2020 is one of many business expos organised by Tarsus Southeast Asia is among the top three international B2B exhibition organisers in Southeast Asia.

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